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Clinical Study

School Psychology Services and Stress Among Caregivers During COVID-19.

The purpose of the study is to find out what type of telehealth (live videos, phone calls, emails, mobile apps, webpages, or adaptive and assistive equipment) and services (IEP related services, counseling, consultation, assessments, behavior strategies) families received from their local school psychologist during COVID-19. The study will also analyze student's caregiver perceived levels of stress during the pandemic. The results of this study will provide needed information regarding how to better support students and their families during emergencies.


For more information contact:

Jana Sill

IRB#: IRB_00134092 | PI: Janaina Sill | Department: EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY | Approval Date: 2020-07-02 19:47:00
Study Categories: COVID-19 Studies, Mental Health and Well-being Studies | Specialties: Psychology, Psychology, Family

Who can participate?

 Gender: All

 Age: Over 18 years old

 Volunteers: Volunteers with special conditions

 Location: From Home

 COVID-19 Study

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Participants must have one or more children enrolled in school (public, private, charter or homeschool) from the fall of 2019 to the spring of 2020.
  • Participants must be a caregiver for one or more children.
  • Participants must be 18 years or older.

Will I be paid for my time?


Last Updated: 4/5/21